About the Orphanage

Casa Bernabé started with just a few children back in the 80's. During the Sandinista/Contra conflict the numbers grew. After the turmoil within the country ended and the United States left the eastern coast of Nicaragua, there was little to sustain the economy. The region went from poor to poorer resulting in a growing orphan population. Many men left the area looking for work, never to return. The women were left behind, struggling to raise their children without an income.

The Verbo Church, under the direction of Pastor Earl and Damaris Bowie, operates Casa Bernabé. They were both working for an orphanage in Managua, Nicaragua before they were married, also under the Verbo Church. It wasn't long after they were married that they were asked by the Verbo Church to move to Puerto Cabezas to take on the church there that had recently been left in shambles by a former pastor. The time that followed took great dedication, perseverance, love and patience to wait on the Lord to rebuild that small body of believers.

As the church continued to grow and flourish so did the orphanage, at least in numbers. Soon there was a need for a new facility. That was in 1999. The growth has continued to out-pace the facility, leading to the new project currently underway.

We are a Christ-centered ministry striving to demonstrate Christ's love for all our orphans by raising the standard of care and accountability. We provide quality nutrition, a clean place to live, and adequate medical care. Our goal is to equip orphans with a Christian education and life skills and to raise a generation of orphans prepared to be significant contributors to their society.

Casa Bernabé Children Orphanage offers abandoned, destitute, and orphaned children a loving and safe home in which to grow up in and prepare for life. We are dedicated to ministering to the poor and to help children, families and communities overcome poverty in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua and surrounding areas.

Our Mission
We are a Christian organization called by God to evangelize, educate, discipline and form generations of young children and adults with strong foundations, biblical principles, values and a true purpose in life. With His wisdom we can provide a good road to follow and to benefit families, society and the community as a whole.

Our Vision
Our Christian ministry is dedicated to protect, enlighten and restore the values and principles of the Word of God. The heart of our ministry thrives to protect and educate children and teenagers who might be living in frightful and unsuitable situations with their families or who might be lost spiritually or economically without the support and guidance or a caring entity such as ours.

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