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Pastor Earl together with Cherry Hills Christian Church of Highlands Ranch, Colorado and Pastors Phil Abeyta and Isadore (Izzy) Lucero from His Love Fellowship Church in Denver, Colorado facilitated the 6th annual Pastoral Conference in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua.

The conference was attended by 50 pastors from 16 churches located along the Rio Coco. Most pastors stayed in the old boys dorm on the Casa Bernabe compound for the duration of the conference. Many of them traveled for days, mostly by boat or canoes. The pastors received gifts (solar lamps) and training and encouragement during an intense time of amazing prayers and fellowship.

The conference was held over 3 days and the focus points of the meetings were seminary, teaching, being in the Word, workshop and spiritual growth.
Additional topics discussed were the challenges and tribulations these Rio Coco pastors are facing on a daily basis. For many of us the circumstances under which these pastors are relentlessly spreading the Word are quite unimaginable. Many have no church building at all and others have walls but no roof. Cherry Hills Community Church committed to donate 8 roofs to these building which are in dire need of improvement. Often the entire community stands against its pastor and traditional tribal beliefs interfere or other churches planted by different religious beliefs.

Other obstacles these pastors have to deal with on a regular basis are witch craft and spiritual warfare. Further problems are the lack of electricity and musical instruments.


Betania Church Service
We had a great church service at Betania Church led by Pastor Earl and Pastor Phil Abeyta.

Betania is a small Miskito village (around 300 people) about 45 minutes outside of Puerto Cabezas on the road to Managua.


Rebuilding "El Discipulado"
The old boys dorm called "Discipulado" is receiving a major make over. All the girls and the younger boys had the great fortune to enjoy their new housing, see more info here, and now it is the older boys turn. We made great progress during our stay and expect to finish the job shortly. Thank you to all that contributed to this project.. Praise the Lord!!

Comedor Infantil Verbo
Pastor Earl's Food Distribution Center in Puerto Cabezas is growing daily. Every day hundred's of children are being fed that otherwise would go hungry.
We are continuously supporting this great project and giving Pastor Earl a helping hand whenever possible.
More info.

Trash Dump Feeding Center
More and more people, mostly children, have been traveling to the local city dump about 10 miles outside of Puerto Cabezas. The circumstances are terrible and the children are not save in this environment. Pastor Earl together with the help of a local man and members of Cherry Hills Community Church started a new outreach program to deliver meals to the dump and distribute them amongst the children. More info

My Christmas 2015 Experience in Nicaragua  by Lorna Lee

Love is a many-splendored thing.  Han Suyin authored a book by that name in 1952, inspiring a classic movie and title song.  More importantly, the phrase gives us another way to express the wonder and joy that love inspires.

We have all sought love, pursued it in conventional and intentional ways.  But (and I hope this is true of you) the sweetest love is that which comes upon you unexpectedly.  Love that surprises you by its sudden and insistent presence, compelling you to react and respond and be changed.

How better to describe my Christmas 2015 experience in Nicaragua?

I had been to the village of Puerto Cabazas countless times in my mind.  Working for MorningStar Senior Living, it’s inevitable.  Our Founder Ken Jaeger has made a pilgrimage to this obscure village on the eastern coast since 2010, returning with heart-wrenching photos and powerful stories of redemption amidst entrenched poverty.  By this, Ken models what MorningStar is all about:  Servant-leadership—for he chose not to touch and go, but to touch and stay, and invest in the lives of hundreds of children in the village.

What Ken exhorts about seniors he echoes when speaking of the world’s orphans:  “What do they want?  What do we all essentially want.  To be valued at our core, to be seen as significant, to be looked squarely in the eyes and loved.”

Ken’s level of devotion has inspired others at MorningStar to take what we perceive to be a risk, even a radical move, and hop a plane with him, first to Managua then, by puddle-jumper, across the country to Puerto Cabazas.  There we meet, face to beautiful face, the amazing difference a concerted effort, motivated by love, can make.

My life as a Christian has returned to me the same lesson time and again:  whenever you step out in obedience to Christ and his commands (and they are commands, not recommendations), allowing yourself to be a vehicle of blessing, the blessings always, always flow back to you tenfold.

As it says in Ecclesiastes 11: “Cast your bread upon the waters…in the morning, sow your seed, and in the evening do not withhold your hand.  For you do not know which will prosper either this or that, or whether both alike will be good.”

Pastor Earl christened the orphanage that now serves 147 children Casa Bernabe, which means House of Hope.  As befitting a name is Oasis of Joy, for these grounds are a beacon of Christ’s love and power, shining for all to see, if only they will look…as transforming for those walking the cobbled street just outside, or for those winging their way down from the distant north.

Don’t miss this chance to be gripped by all that is truly important and lasting in this life.

I offer this video tribute (see slideshow above) to the children of Puerto Cabazas, both the children within the safety of Casa Bernabe and those far more vulnerable outside its gates.

Lorna Lee, VP of Marketing and Communications, MorningStar Senior Living


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