It Takes a Village to Raise a Child:
Casa Bernabé orphanage in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, is raising up 120 orphaned and abandoned children to be Christ-honoring adults with testimonies of redemption that reshape their lives and the lives of all whom they encounter. While Christ’s redemptive power is free for the asking, we are still earthbound in our reliance on the physical means by which to nurture and educate these children. We invite you to be part of that village.

100% of your donation goes towards the program you choose.

Follow the links below to choose the specific ministry in which you want to invest. We will send a confirmation response through our U.S.-based alliance with

Monthly Sponsorships: Your donation of $35 helps to feed one child at Casa Bernabé for an entire month ($420/year).

Child Sponsorship Monthly

Tuition for Grammar School and High School: Your donation of $20/month pays for the books, uniform and tuition of one grammar school student at Verbo Christian School. Your donation of $25/month pays for the books, uniform and tuition of one high school student at Verbo Christian School.

College Fund: Each year the majority of our high school graduates desire to continue their education. In gratitude to Casa Bernabé, they make a commitment to bring the skills learned at university back to serve Puerto Cabezas. Your donation helps to pay their tuition (which, in Managua, is a fraction of the cost of an American college).

covers tuition for one student if the student goes to the local University and $250-300/ month if the student goes to study in Managua (capital of Nicaragua).

The Pines Feeding Center: Monies donated to this fund are used to purchase food for the feeding center right outside the city dump, where hundreds of people rummage through the trash looking for anything to sell. Your donation of $11/month will feed a child for that month. $1300 is needed each month to keep the feeding center in complete operation.

Other Donations to Verbo Ministries:
1. Transportation- Verbo is in need of a school bus, micro bus for the orphanage, as well as a truck to take garbage out to the dump.

2. Security wall - $36,000 is needed to finish the security wall that surrounds the compound.

3. Feeding centers up the Rio Coco – There are currently 6 feeding centers up the river that are in need of $2500 per month to fully operate.

during check-out where you would like us to apply your donation.                            

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