The Clean Water Ministry continues to move forward, although at times it seems slow. Pastor Earl's Fresh Water Ministry has built 2 Wells for the orphanage and has supplied various communities like Thuara, Betania and Krukira with the own source for clean, fresh water.

The tower was repaired in September, and the crew went out to a new community and began drilling in October. The well crew, Edgar, Minor, and Daniel would go out and stay in the village for a week at a time to save on transportation costs. They would stay in the school, and cook their own meals. It is quite a sacrifice for them, and yet they are willing to do that for the sake of the ministry. They believe strongly in getting as many wells as possible to those needing clean water. By the first part of November, they had drilled 85 ft. and were getting a good water flow.

The tower, that we had repaired with the materials on hand, bent again above the area that we repaired. This time we sent Edgar to fly to Managua, and to look by himself for some steel to rebuild the tower. He was successful, and as of today, the well rig is back together, and ready to continue the well in Tuara. Probably another 15 ft. before they begin to install the filter, casing and gravel. We hope to be done with this well by the end of December. After that we will focus on finishing the tank tower in Botania.

This past month, there was also a team from Louisiana here to provide medical care to different communities, and teaching in the evenings for the Verbo Church. They were awesome, and we are so glad they were in Tuara, along with Betania, and Krukiira, all places that we have provided with clean water wells.

Every time you turn on the tap and take a glass of water, remember, on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, there are over 45 children out of 1000 deaths, under the age of 5 that die of illnesses related to water born diseases.

There are so many needs for water here on the Atlantic Coast and we are in great need of more resources to drill wells, and get a new rig. Please pray and ask GOD how you can help us get a better drill rig, a rotary rig that can drill wells in a more proficient amount of time. This rotary rig will also be able to drill wells for profit for those who can afford to pay. Those resources then would go back into the communities in need of clean water. It takes the cable rig months to complete a well, a rotary rig can complete the drilling part in 2 weeks or less, depending on the soils.

This is such an important need right now in the direction of this Clean Water Ministry, please share this need with all you know that might pray and or help!!
May our GOD richly bless you as you lift up these needs in prayer.

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Video of Fresh Water Well Project in Krukira - November 2010

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