Rio Coco

The Coco River snakes along the northern border of Nicaragua separating it from Honduras. The region bordering the river is home to dozens of indigenous Indian villages, and is one of the poorest regions in the Western Hemisphere. With their own governments, languages, and currencies this region is unlike anywhere else in the country. There is no electricity, running water, or motorized vehicles. Nearly everyone is illiterate and every community struggles to grow enough food to survive.

In the midst of such need, the Meskito Indians in the community are hard workers and have a strong sense of dignity. Pastor Earl and the Verbo Church in Puerto Cabezas have been working on the Rio Coco for years to build a healthy relationship. Verbo has started a small church and primary school of 6 teachers in the community of Krin Krin. Pastor Earl facilities the regular visits of medical teams to do basic treatments and education for many of the communities along the river. On a regular basis he is also sending much needed food supplies to help the community of Krin Krin sustain itself. 

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Trip to the community of Krin Krin at the Coco River - November 2010

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