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The children and young people at Casa Bernabé are here for a variety of reasons. Some have been orphaned by death of a parent or grandparent who was raising them. Some are here because there was not enough money to feed them so the mother made the extremely difficult choice of giving their child up to insure the well being of that child. Others are living at Casa Bernabé because there is no school where their family lives so they were brought here to receive a quality education. These children and young people often go home when school ends in December and come back the beginning of February for the new school year.

At Casa Bernabé they are fed, clothed, educated but most of all they are loved and taught about the one true and perfect love that only God and His Son Jesus Christ can have for each of us. This has allowed them to grow and flourish in many ways. Some stay on once they have completed high school to attend college or trade schools. Some learn by working with the various teams who come to Puerto Cabezas to work on projects.

We have had several young women graduate from the nursing program and are now working in the area. One young man has gone on to be a doctor and is now working in Puerto Cabezas. A young woman just recently finished her psychology degree and will be working with our kids where she can. To see these children grow up at Casa Bernabé, go off to school, and then come back to give back to the community is just so incredibly heart warming. These are a very special group of kids and God loves each and every one of them and so do we.

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